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Ceramics are the most diverse and versatile material available. Resistant and durable, ceramics are available in all shapes, colors, and styles imaginable. Whether you're looking for tiles, mosaics or planks, we have thousands of products available in our 20,000 sq. Ft. Showroom.

Highly specialized in ceramics, we offer extensive options for kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, walls and floor coverings for all rooms in the home. We also offer floor heating systems, ideal for the bathroom and for all rooms during the cool seasons.

Lemonde Sales Installation Ceramics, tiles, backsplashes
Ceramics, tiles, backsplashes


Eterni offers a vast selection of architectural surfaces to create living spaces at your image. Specialized in ceramics and porcelain, Eterni also offers natural stones and mosaics made of glass and stainless steel. Eterni stands out with its avant-garde product lines that follow and create trends in the field of ceramics.

Eterni also offers floor heating solutions. Nothing is more pleasant than temperature-controlled soils in the coldest months.


Centura is a Canadian company that offers a large number of innovative products, each carefully selected to meet very high-quality standards. Expert in floor and wall coverings, Centura stands out for its ceramic and porcelain tiles, mosaics, as well as its natural and machined stones. The unique colors and formats of its products offer trendy styles.

Lemonde Sales Installation Ceramics, tiles, backsplashes
Soligo Ceramics Tiles Backsplashes


Soligo is defined by the combination of ceramics, stones, mosaics and slates in coherent, harmonious and beautiful arrangements, with multiple textures and tones. Soligo's luxurious Italian style fits all styles with a rich minimalist presence that accentuates any décor.

Soligo offers exclusive products for walls and floors from Italy, Spain, North Africam, and Asia for an incomparable style.


Ceratec offers exclusive collections of wall and floor ceramics for all tastes and budgets. Ceratec products have timeless beauty while following the latest trends. Mosaics combining stones, glasses, and metals attract particular attention by their beauty and originality.

Ceratec Ceramics Tiles Backsplashes
Cerodem Ceramics Tiles Backsplashes


Cerodem specializes in large format tiles and ceramic tiles as well as mosaics. Large format tiles offer a more uniform finish and are distinguished by their refined look. Cerodem offers a wide range of quality products that are at the forefront of current trends.


Surface Imports offers high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles. Specialized in models imitating natural wood, Surface  Imports unique products follow the latest trends such as herringbone patterns and unique mosaics, not to mention their large format tiles.

Surface Imports Ceramics Tiles Backsplashes
Schluter Systems Drains Showers and Fitting Solutions


The Schluter® shower system includes a range of products such as drains, shower benches and pipe fitting sealing solutions that offer a tight, fully bonded assembly for tiled showers. In addition to preventing damage from water and moisture infiltration, this system greatly speeds installation.

Schluter®-Systems offers solutions to common tile laying challenges, including effective waterproofing and uncoupling membranes that prevent cracking of tiles and grout, while providing effective sealing.